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~Kuroi Tsuki~

Congratulations! Your ideal Alpha Male is...

oh yeah~
For all intensive purposes, your Alpha Male seems like the "normal" boyfriend. He gets along with family and friends, is considerate and thoughtful in his actions, and his biggest priority, like every good Alpha Male, is *you*. The thought of you coming to any discomfort often prevents him from engaging in more typical Alpha Male behavior and thushe is generally exempt from mood swings and bursts of silence. However, caring does not equal sharing to this Alpha Male and when he feels anyone is trying to come between you, his less than genial side begins to show. In the end, though, so long as he doesn't feel threatened by any third party, the two of you are destined for happiness.
Which Alpha Male is right for you?
Brought to you by Alexandra and Matrim

Wierd.. that -is- Alexi.. I mean he doesn't like sharing me with anyone, but he is the most gentle and sweet guy on the face of the planet.. but when it comes to my attention, he must have it all.. *sniffles*

I love my husband.. *sighs*

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