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First of all. Screw it. I made this awesome pants Tenpou icon for the awards community on the Minekura icontest community on GJ.. both Mish and I tied but we were never officially given any awards, it's been like a month. SO I AM USING THIS ICON BECAUSE TENPOU IS GONNA KICK YOUR ASS (so is his boyfriend, right Mish? Saiyuki muses are automatically hardcore)

Next, MISH! I think Sigurd has hogged all the sexypants songs, because I was once again looking for songs for Al-Cid and all of the sexypants songs were stolen by Sigurd. I love Sigurd (and his hot ass) but Al-Cid needs love too. (though there was an inward chuckle as for a MOMENT I considered a Spice Girls song.. I think Basch was laughing in between trying to get the mental image out of his head by banging said head against the nearest wall)

Of course there are many songs that occured to me.. like many erasure songs.

Poor Larsa is pestering Basch now about 'what's so funny about Al-Cid in conjencture with the Spice Girls'.

Though really, I don't think a 12 year old boy could handle so much sexypants. I don't think he even knows what sexypants actually entails.


Umeda has officially decided on the wedding songs for him and Akiha. They'll go down the aisle to "Being Boring" (pet shop boys) and they'll come down the aisle to "Absolute Beginners" (david bowie). This is to compromise with Akiha (which oh my god is one of their firsts). And now Hakkai officially shoves him out so that he can finalize the plans on his and Gojyo's wedding, which shall be happening Tuesday when I get back from work. (Muse weddings for the WIN)

Married List

Sigurd and Hyuga
Citan and Fei
Jin and Chaos (Vegas weddings for the win)
Ukitake and Shunsui
Heyven and Sigele (girl versions of Sigurd and Hyuga)

Engaged List

Hakkai and Gojyo
Umeda and Akiha

Gojyo and Hakkai are coming up. (and I think the next ones to get married will probably be Caitlin and Felicity.. that's just a guess though). I am confident there will be ONE MORE married couple before Akiha and Umeda get to their date.


I've rambled, I'm going to bed now. On two glasses of rum and coke, this is what you get!

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