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Finally got done watching episode 7 of HanaKimi (the liveaction)

I'm quite happy, only two scenes with Umeda, but both of them were awesome. Of course I missed the whole fact of watching it with Alexi (because he's gay for Sano/Qwan) which is fun especially when I catch Alexi just staring. But well it's also alot of fun to watch HanaKimi with him because we both laugh really loudly at the same parts. I know he'll be around for the next episode though. (because he comes back in a week, hurrah!)

I also made my new default icon thanks to Jeanette aka von_questenberg since she showed me the picture of Ashura-ou's incarnation from the Clamp Campus Gakuen realm. Ashura-ou with glasses. How could I resist? (I want to make a matching icon of Taichirou *aka Taishakuten* since he's wearing glasses too.) Really the fact that the incarnations exist make me more hopeful that Taishakuten will appear in Tsubasa.

But still, Ashura-ou wearing glasses. SQUEE~eeeeeeee

Okay. I am done now, thereby heading off to screencap the Umeda parts of HanaKimi 7.
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