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~Episode 7 of HanaKimi..~

IS OUT! *after long last* I let out a loud scream into the room that was purely fanatical and well it is certainly lucky that pimp_kitten isn't there because his eardrum would of been blown and at this time in the morning he would of been very grumpy and shot me the eyes of doom. (and forced me to go to breakfast with him). Though granted I do miss his little prods along the lines of, "Hey Nia.. breakfast?!" and those drowned kitten eyes that make me feel like I'm starving him (when in fact he has something half eaten on his desk at any given moment)

You know what that means everyone, GOOD SCREENCAPS OF UMEDA. (and the ensuing smartassery comments).

Umeda is my hero, I'd say that I would want to be him when I grow up except I don't particularly wish to grow up to be a bitterly gay school physician. (though sometimes I envy that attitude of his)

I am dancing in my seat. YAY!
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