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I played a little bit more into the 4th case for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. And HOOBOY. Boy, what a story.. just gets even more interesting. The last day of the trail, and what will it bring? See I never know with PW trials. However it is wrong to be obsessed with Von Karma's finger waggle. I want an icon of him waggling his finger, just because it's so awesome. (yes I do find Von Karma scary, but that finger waggle is something special).

And just for fun, RP wise in the Asthartia Dragon Rider's RP.. Umeda is finally going to meet up with Akiha. (probably tomorrow) I can't wait for that one and after the waff that was Citan and Fei.. Umeda and Akiha is going to be a special kind of cracky. I certainly anticipate it (and hurrah, I get out early tomorrow.. 2 pm. Woot)

I know I just threw this post together, but I had to sort of fan over Phoenix Wright as well as the RP I'm currently doing with shuufish (because I have to admit, she's all kinds of awesome.. but she knows that). Now I head off to bed, with dreams of Ulani and Ukitake in bunny outfits. Goodnight everyone!

Edit: I am lucky for perusing the colouring tutorials over at TC. Because I feel as if my colouring has gotten so much better because of it. Mostly thanks to Miya and Nefadol and even Polaris. Much <3 to them!

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