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I just had a wonderfully fun argument over at the TC boards over Sakura, suitably pwning a Sakura-basher.

Really whatever she said didn't really fage. Because she was bashing both Tsubasa beginning Sakura and Current Chapter Sakura, which defies ALL logic because it is like two polar ends of the spectrum, and then she tried to tell me she liked Sakura from CCS. Sure, I can believe that some people don't like Sakura from Tsubasa but do like her from CCS.. HOWEVER her posts were just totally out of left field and left little doubt that she just generally hated Sakura regardless of which series she came from. (I can tell these things as most people have better reasons then, "OMG SAKURA IS JUST SO GOOD AND PURE AND KIND -BARF-")

These people.. they need to BITCH PLZ. Seriously.

Not nearly as much fun as Kazemon's trying to propegate all of Nihon with her "why is all of Nihon ghey, every1 will die out omg!" which really wouldn't of been the first or the last fucked up thing Clamp has done. But still, fun nevertheless.
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