Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~I love men with a big... vocabulary~

I am officially in love with Edgeworth, it is because he's kinda stuck up and pompus and that's what I like about him, and all of those cute courtroom flicks he does.. where he just knows he is BETTER THAN YOU. And when he gets served by Phoenix, I love how his eyes go sort of dead and he just hangs over his prosecution stand. Oh yes the objection wars are also alot of fun. I actually got through the second case rather well.. and Phoenix's idealism is very very endearing. (I have to admit that saying, "Edgeworth, you're a sham" was because I wanted to see the interaction between them. I am going to play through the game properly this time, but I am sure that it probably gets amusing if you choose other answers.

Oh yes, Phoenix when he sweatdrops. DOUBLE CUTE.

So yes, I am thoroughly enjoying my playing through the game... it certainly amused me right before I went to sleep. TEEHEE.

I can't make a promise, but I can so totally see getting an Edgeworth muse.
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