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~Hana Kimi Live Action (Umeda), Episode 5, LAST PART~

Here is the next picture spam of Umeda from the Hana Kimi Live Action (just so that everyone knows that this is NOT an ANIME SERIES). People who ask me if this is an anime, will be shot upon commenting with my GTFO blaster. These pictures are free for taking for icons and such, however since I capped these.. I'd really like a comment. (no credit, don't need it.. my mouse clicking finger is not too rich and freeflowing in the creativity department) But comments are love!

Click on the text, however people with computer problems might not want to click since what is under the cut is ALOT of pictures.

- "oh gods, why are you back here again?"

- "I knew my peace and quiet was too good to be true"

- *trying to find out if the begging appeases him or not*

- "Because you know, I have better things to do with my time then to sit here and listen to you whine"

- "Many people have evolved past high school.. myself included."

- "so forgive me for not having time to listen to your girlish *ugh* pleas"

- "I'm -soo- getting ass this weekend Mizuki.. do you know what it's like to get ass? No you probably don't"


- "Plz to be observing the six inch rule.. if you are a girl and/or Akiha"

- "I am going to feel pretty this vacation.."

- "but definitely, my vacation isn't going to be composed of babysitting you."

- "Oh hi, Rio.. here to see me off on my rather gay vacation?"

- "No, of course not.. I wasn't avoiding your phone calls, I was just VERY BUSY"

- "However if it's women problems, go to Io.. I don't trust anything thatt bleeds for five days and doesn't die."

- "You tell Io that I'm leaving her high and dry, and I'll -kill- you.. family or no."

- "Yes, this is my little sister.. surprised that I have family? You were probably thinking that I was borne from the depths of hell.."

- "Okay, that may be -halfway- true"

- *Umeda, Devoted Uncle.. and Devoted Brother..*

- "Yes, I realize that it's kinda gross that my mother and sister were pregnant around the same time.. it's one of the reasons why I am -so- not apart of that family."

- "I realize that you are going to try to force me into manuel labour back at Io's coal pits, but I won't go.."

- "Why don't you do your mother a favor this year and help out.. instead of chasing after every girl that flutters their eyelashes at you"

- "Isn't that what -you- do Uncle"

- "Of course I don't.. I have much better taste then you ever will.."

- "Wait.. what? 10 minutes? Oh Shi~"

- "If I don't move soon, it will be a week of MANUEL LABOUR"

- "As much as I'd like to stay and talk.. I can't right now. Give my regards to the Demoness."

- "Unhand me before I kick out my mad karate skillz"

- "nnnngh.. damn"

- "Wait.. idea time!" *doing what Umeda does best.. MANIPULATING THE INNOCENT!*

- "Say Mizuki.. my little buddy.. how would you like to go and spend a week or two at my sister's coal mineinn?"

- "Come on, you owe me your soul.."

- "And all that stuff about my sister.. so totally untrue.. she's as tame as a kitten.. I promise, she wouldn't hurt a flea"

- "And the peanut gallery can shut up this very instant"

- "I can assure you that I am in no way desperate"

- "Hello! I'm Io.. and I've come to eat my brother's soul!"

- And Umeda meets the Queen of Girl-land.. a place he doesn't like very much.

- "Funny, the older you get, the younger you appear.. must be all that virgin blood you drink every night before you go to bed"

- "Ahaha Mizuki.. you -owe me this-."

- *Gag reflex engaged*

- "Here Io.. why don't you take -that- soul over there?"

Next time on, UmedaKimi... you see Umeda filing his nails (that's all I got out of the preview) and probably bailing Mizuki out of more trouble.

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