Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney just came in the mail (thank you Alexi for placing the package on my desk).. so that is what I am starting playing right now. I have alot of stuff that happened at work, none bears mentioning (as they would probably make me appear more bitchy then I really am, though really, schedules are not for people's -convenience- so you can't just saunter out 30 minutes after you were -supposed to be there- and not get called out for it.)

Edit: DS needs to charge. No Lawyersecks until LATER.

(though me and shuufish get enough lawyersecks from Mat and Roni.. I bet they've played out kinky courtroom scenes.. because that is just WHAT THEY DO)

Edit 2: So while I'm waiting for my D.S to charge, anyone want to take any guesses on which muse I'll have? Phoenix or Miles.. because I know that once I start playing ONE will come in to torment me.
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