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It bugs me that I'm not able to find the song "Stronger than Gravity" by John Gregory which I heard on Pandora Internet Radio. It mainly sucks because that is SUCH a Gojyo and Hakkai song, and I'm starting to gear up for that with their wedding that is coming in two weeks time. Evidentally Ukitake will be Hakkai's best man. What will Sanzo be? Why the priest of course. (okay come on, admit it will be a -little- funny to see Sanzo marrying the Kappa and Hakkai.)

The Model & Musicians RP is off to a great start, but more like it, Hyuga is glad to finally have some RP time with Sigurd, since they haven't gotten any concrete time for a while, being that Mish and I were intent on other projects to be finished. And Hyuga is happy that it's combining their brand of romanticism.. of course the fact that Hyuga is like a step from being in his Sigurd's pants also helps.. when Sigurd is involved, there is always a complete emphasis on MINE

I made an icon this morning. General Lan from Saiunkoku Monogatari,

Taken from the song by Tori Amos, "Sleeps with Butterflies", and I'm actually proud of it because this icon actually turned out better then how I had anticipated for it. I think it is a song that fits him.. him and Jin very much and I wouldn't be surprised if Lan joins their hood if he aquires much more of a presence. (Jin seems to attract like souls.. like Seishirou.. though keep in mind that Jin is no where NEAR as evil as Seishirou, they are just good friends in the muse box and all. *and Seishirou isn't usually allowed to come with Jin to gatherings, he's only allowed to sit in his cage and contemplate Subaru pr0n*)

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