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~One Sentance Meme~

I remember doing this meme quite a bit ago.

Pick a fandom (that you can conveniently find on my Profile), Then give me a pairing from that fandom. It can be anything, het.. yaoi or even yuri. It doesn't even have to be a pairing that I like. Then toss me a prompt word and I will write you one sentance on that particular pairing.

Alright children, may the force be with you!

mistressatma - T-elos x KOS-MOS (Xenosaga) |

In her memory and rebirth down in the recesses of her reprogramming, she could always feel bronzed arms encircling her, trying to suck the life out of her and all she could do was melt into oblivion that against her better judgement she wouldn't of minded.

glass_houses - Ichigo x Ishida (Bleach) |

Because of their differing alignments, their forays unto more cyber occupations left very little guilt.. though the stains on the keyboards were a bit hard to clean up.

athenaltena - Shunsui x Ukitake (Bleach) |

Resting his head lightly against Shunsui's shoulder while the sake slowly cycled through his system, it was the epitome of a lazy day.. and when Shunsui kissed the nape of his neck, it caused a delightful shiver to go through him, somehow enhanced by that same rice nectar.

umegaki - Yorihisa x Tenma (Harukanaru Toki no Naka De) |

Each time they came together underneath the moonlight, it was always a struggle.. for one who was perfectly established in his dominance, and the other one wanting to come into his own. Certainly it wasn't a perfect teacher and pupil relationship, but at least Tenma knew he was learning valuable lessons no matter on which battlefield Yorihisa engaged him.

sawngo - Hyuga x Sigurd (Xenogears) |

He bit his lower lip, stifling out his cries as his head fell back against the bed. Divine wetness engulfed his cock and all he had to do was look at those lips drawing him in deeper and deeper, and those blue eyes with both desire and mischief in them, knowing full well that Jesiah's knock was going to come any minute now signalling that it would be time to go meet with Emperor Cain.. but until then, he was going to enjoy the pleasure that Sigurd tempted him with.

kaiousei - Jr x Chaos (Xenosaga) |

Chaos had been a part of the long and drawn out healing process that Jr. had undergone after the contact with U-DO, from just being around to the more lasting touches that caressed down his spine, and while Jr. knew he wouldn't feel truly and totally complete, at least this was something to fill him up and to make him less empty.

jianna - Ichigo x Chad (Bleach) |

Just because no one saw the touches, didn't mean that they were not there. In fact Chad preferred to remain subtle, however every time they brushed together so slightly, or even a shared look, was yet one more line in the invisible book that he and Ichigo were writing on a day to day basis.

polyurethane - Jiroh x Gakuto (Prince of Tennis) |

Summer was always a good time for Gakuto, especially sharing an ice cream with the one he loved. Now if only he could get his loved one to stop falling -asleep- in the sunday, that would be his next goal for the summer.

gekkonorondo - Dirty Pair ~Gakuto x Oshitari~ (Prince of Tennis) |

Oshitari was quite the cook despite what you may expect and whenever Gakuto woke up from spending a night over at his partner's house, he'd wake up to the smell of egg sandwhiches caught between two slices of toast, flavored with a bit of sausage and then seasoned with potato chips. Gakuto thought it quite cute that Oshitari could be so whimsical.

volk_krosh - Sakura x Tomoyo (Card Captor Sakura) |

Sakura's face filled with a blush at school the morning after her sixteenth birthday when Tomoyo walked into the room, and it didn't stop. Tomoyo it would seem however wore an expression that was both happy and as sated as a cat who had just gotten into the cream dish, which in all respects, Tomoyo -had-.

miang - Soubi x Ritsuka (Loveless) |

After the most strenuous of battles, Ritsuka would curl up in Soubi's lap like a little lost kitten, his cheek pressed against Soubi's thigh as he slowly sank away into unconsciousness where dreams of his brother haunted him, and Soubi.. Soubi would patiently sit there, stroke Ritsuka's hair and murmur that things were going to be okay, even though he didn't believe it halfway himself.

innate - Albedo/Rubedo (Xenosaga) |

It was nearly disgusting, the way that Rubedo seemed to fawn over that Mizrahi girl, and it caused Albedo to seeeth with jealousy, so much that he would force himself into contact with Rubedo as if constantly reminding him that they were of the same heart, that their bond could not be broken.. but while Rubedo considered him a brother, Albedo knew that his was far more unrequited, but when he was watching Albedo sleep, he could only content himself with the fact that one day she'd be dead.. and he would be there to pick up the pieces.

reynardfox - Citan/Yui (Xenogears) |

His sword had been naturally given to his heart, his helpmate. He had given it to her on the solemn promise that she would keep it safe, would prevent him from becoming the killing machine that Solaris had bred him to be. However he knew that he had to fight fire with fire, when in rome.. do as the roman's do. And so high atop on the towers of Shevat, she handed him back his sword of steel with which to do battle, the sword for a kiss, he did not find that so very unreasonable at all, the kiss would prevent him from returning to that which he once was, and the steel would enable him to do his mission.
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