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~Maybe there's a devil.. or something like it, inside~

Clow-muse has his own song now. "Devil Inside" by Utada Hikaru. Just because he needs his own theme song. So yes, I crafted it and I'm immensely pleased with it. Taken from stuff in Chapter 138. (Because there were tons of yummy Clow flashbacks and I love my glass'd magicians. (PLZ TO BE HAVING SO MUCH LOVE FOR CLOW/YUUKO MYSELF)

I have no words for how bad work was today, though it probably downright sucked for the Taco Bell employees because their whole TILING came off of their section. Mine was paltry really. Just the people shoving the non-wasted dough into the walk-in, green peppers being left out all night, stuff wasn't washed and orders weren't put up after they arrived yesterday. So woot, I got to deal with all of that, and frustrate myself with litanies of how DUMB Dominic is. (Only consolation is that he went to the bar after closing and he got shit-faced to puking drunk.)

I just wanted to come home, it didn't help that I think I'm coming down with something especially sickey. *bleahs*

I want to clean the house tomorrow. I think I'm going to do that. Clean it and then make pimp_kitten vaccuum.

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