Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

In episode 6 of HanaKimi (I just got finished watching it) there was no appearance of Umeda, however Umeda's sister made it well worth it.. AND it was kinda cute. (of course I found out that pimp_kitten would turn gay for Sano in this series which really makes me giggle.) but yeah, it's good.. can't wait til the next episode per usual, just because I saw a preview of Umeda filing his nails. This amuses me because I have a feeling that he'd do something like that when bored. (It's the part of me that wants to make him into a diva.. oh wait, he sort of already is)

Next is episode 7.. and then oh oh oh oh.. one episode closer to Akiha.

I am quite obsessed with Akiha and think he is a sexy-pants type of guy. (Really, adorable.)

Essentially he is Umeda's cockblock. >.> (PLZ TO BE REFERRING TO THE ICON)
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