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~Flood of Umeda/Mei-Tian Ep 5.. with CAPTIONS~

Ah, here are more caps of Umeda, and he has no one to hit on.. because Mizuki's brother ran running with his tale between his legs, probably feared that Umeda would kiss him again. That leaves Umeda with no fun.. and an Umeda with no fun is ultimately grumpy. (feel free to use for icons and such.. just comment, I love comments!)

- "Why are you back here again?"

- "I should of had enough forsight to place cotton in my ears.."

- "The fact that you are a girl, and swimming for P.E is coming up.. does not make this MY concern"

- "You are so -not- cute"

- "I have work to do so just go off and play with your little boytoy.. leave me alone"

- "Excuse me.. but gays do WHAT?"

- "Why thank you Ashiya Mizuki.. you have successfully managed to break my BRAIN"

- "Ugh..."

- "Stop your pouting.. be a man.. or at least -pretend- to be one"

- "You know AKIHA would be much more tolerable then this... at least I get some every time -that- happens.."

& - "Urge to kill.. rising"

- "If I had a gun.. there'd be no tomorrow.. though doctoring medical records seems like a -very- small price to pay.."

- "If you tell anyone of my kindness.. I will kill you.."

- "You know, normally if I did this for a guy, he'd have to pay in sex.."

- "But for a limited time only, I'll just accept your soul as payment."

- *also writes Mizuki up a prescription for tranquilizers*

- "They seriously don't pay me enough for this.."

- "Here. Now. LEAVE."

- "One Day, you're gonna pay me back, and I'm going to walk laughingly ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK"

- Doing what Dr. Umeda does BEST (rolling the eyes)

- "Mental Note.. lock the door next time."

Next time on UmedaKimi, Umeda comes to COLLECT on Mizuki's soul.. (so that he can give it to his evil sister)

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