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~Mei-Tian/Umeda: Ep 5 post 1/?~

I got 40 something caps of the FIRST appearance of Umeda in episode 5.. so I am going to be posting approximately HALF of that. And each successive day posting a little bit of Umeda. He's certainly an obsession (and the latest episode had both me and Alexi ROLLING with laughter.) These can be used for icons and such, a comment would be nice. And oh I don't do alot of whole lot of action caps with him, because I'm more enamored with the many expressions that he displays. So click on the link and ENJOY!

- *So totally not amused*

- "I don't know about this whole 'wheezer' thing you got going on.. but it's seriously gotta stop"

- "I am making out with you, in my mind.. take that!"

- "Tsk tsk tsk.. I envy your skills to make your sister go -away- like that.."

- "Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"

- "Do I look too gay to you?"

- "Look dude, even -I- am better with the female species and I don't even PREFER them.."

- *sigh* "Tis a case of hopeless.. really."

- "What part of gay don't you understand?"

- "It's alright, talk all you want.. I'm' still undressing you with my mind.."

- "I could use more breeze over here.. to flutter my locks poetically.."

- "Oh, I know you want me.."

- "I think my homophobe sense is tingling.."

- "Your lips are moving but nothing of value is coming out.."

- *Glint*

- "Well, you know.. I don't take my pants off for just -anyone-"

- ".. I don't think you are -ready- to expirience the hotness that is Dr. Umeda Hokuto..."

- "You are telling me no.."

- "And your body is telling me no.. which makes it so -RIGHT-"

Next time on UmedaKimi.. more posing from the doctor himself.

Yay for me and my Step-Soeur, polyurethane sharing in something truly wonderful and magical! *RABU RABU HER*

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