Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

-Projects I need to get done when I get my new power supply into Elessari-

*add Teri and Meggers to my userinfo as their characters of Sakura and Anita Blake*
*Work on shuufish's userinfo banner featuring Gojyo.
*Work on vash987's Shizuru icon.
*Go back into IMC and reformate some tags and wipe UO from them, thus returning them to their Sylvia forms.
*Unzip the millions of doujinshi and manga that I downloaded but couldn't unzip because the laptop doesn't have winrar.

I just privatized the "Music of 2007" post.. this is so that I can keep track of songs that just hit me this year, and then spring it on you next year. *teehees*
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