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Well I had my day off yesterday and I didn't do much with it except watch "The Office" and RP in Asthartia with shuufish and it was rather fun, and well now there is a definite plan involved.. in rescuing Sigurd and Bart from deep within the Capital of Carilea, overtaken by Syratican forces. Not to mention Heyven and Sigele (girl versions of Hyuga and Sigurd) got some cuddle cuddle time in, AND Umeda somehow managed to pop into the RP. Dr. Umeda wielding a HUGE ASS SWORD (tm), yeah that's gonna be fun. He's going to be sent to accompany Fei.. however it is either Sigele or Caitlin that will be accompanying them.. I'm trying to figure out. Citan is going regardless.. even though he's still a bit weak, he could sort of be the strategian of the group... with Fei and Umeda being the main force of the group.

I also learned alot about Umeda muse last night when he was sort of out with Akiha. I learned he likes tying up Akiha (*coughs*), I learned that he is all over Akiha when Akiha is evil to models and can't keep his hands off of him.. and if he inadvertantly bites Akiha enough to draw blood, or Akiha bites his lip enough to draw blood, Umeda will gladly lick it off. Oiya, the kink. (Though as Mish pointed out, Scorpio/Saggitarius matches seem to be very much like that.. since Scorpios are kinky and Saggitarius' are very eager to go along with it.)

My Umeda muse loves his Akiha muse.. he just has funny ways of showing it (like kicks and verbal abuse...). It's a good thing that they are so in love with each other and Akiha knows that when Umeda is being mean, it really = love.
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