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I changed my default again.. because damn it, I love Umeda. I am obsessed with the drama liek woah. So much that it is the only thing that I've been fangirling for the past couple of weeks (ever since I saw the second episode). I also noticed that I saw Akiha in the opening credits for the drama. Not for very long but you see a guy just at the end who raises a camera to his face and so I am pretty sure that it is Akiha. (Because who else wanders HanaKimi verse with a loaded camera *who's male*).

Mad props for shuufish and vash987 who had to listen to me prattle and prattle about how much I love this drama. Ke'chara and Lil' bro sure has alot of patience with me.

Umeda.. he's bringing evil back.. you know it.

This makes me want to write Umeda/Akiha fics and just thoroughly emmerse myself in the fandom. (and listen to more Beborn Beton which is an Umeda music group) And the fact that it's great to see Umeda -smile-... and I was right, in my envisioning I figured that a smiling/smirking Umeda was pretty damn sexy, you know.. I was right. AND HE HAS A DIMPLEakdh;ajfdhja;dfjhd

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