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~Flood of Umeda/Mei-Tian Ep 4, Pt 3 of 3~

Once again, feel free to take these icons for iconning purposes. It makes me want to have Elessari back so I can start making icons of him. *pouts*

- "Y halo thar, my little molestycakes? do I spot fresh meat?"

- "I can't believe this, I reeled in a new playmate.. this should be fun if only judging by his -getup-."

- "You know if Akiha wore anything like this, I'd probably shoot him"

- Hand sex is always a good way to start off such things.

- "He's so not gay, and that is what will make this even -more- fun."

- "Yes, this is the smile of a predator.. I will eat your innocence up and then spit it out.. because it amuses me"

- "Your hands are so slender and delicate, all the better to.."

- "Honey, only real men can pull off pink, and I happen to be a -real- man."

- "Laughing behind my eyes because you are sad.."

- "... and no I am not doing this for Mizuki.. I'm doing this for my own personal amusement."

- "I wonder how high you would jump if I fell into your lap?"

- *pretending to care about what it is that Mizuki's brother says*


- "Showing teeth when I laugh because I'm preparing to eat you alive, ten years doctor's expirience"

- *Sporfle*

- "You're just making it easier, idiot..."

- "You talk about your sister all you want, I'm going to use this moment to wrap my arms around your shoulders... how'd you like that?"

- "You're hanging on to every word I say.. keep doing that, boy"

- "Oh but I'm perfectly innocent.."

- "Did I say something wrong? Nevermind the fact I just had my ARM around you.."

- "you know, you probably aren't my type"

- "And you probably aren't that big either.."

- "Run along little boy.."

- "But we will meet again.."

- "Oh Mizuki, you have a dumb brother.."

- "But he did run out of the room very fast.. I think he might of broken a record."

- "Next time, I'll give him something to write home to his buddies about.."

- *evil*

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