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~Interesting dreams and other hallucinogins~

Damn, I can't even remember the details of my dream however it took place in Mountain Home and I was attending school there, across the street there was another school that had broken apart from us. That school was where Mel attended. And so we were always tossing jibes back and forth. Of course Mel didn't like me, (duh) and Amber was like throwing questions.. saying that "This is what happens when Mrs. Stensaas doesn't teach anymore" Then me and Sailor Jupiter take off in her car in order to get a burger and a shake. Then we are traveling all through Mountain Home and I go visit my grandmother who is getting harassed by her kids again, finally she decides to become independant, but I have to come along too. So I do and it was like we broke from Kids in the Hall or something because I remember seeing David Foley everywhere. There was also this really annoying guy that made hessian boots and he was trying to hit on me but my grandmother hit him over the head with her cane. Finally we make our way to San Bernardino where I get a job as a secretary.

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