Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Flood of Umeda/Mei Tian Ep 4 pt 2 of 3~

More of Umeda.. hurrah, he's the perfect way to start the day.

- "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.. a beautiful day.. *sings*"

- Eye contact is made with the Creature Known As Mizuki

- "O-shii~ she wants something from me.."


- "Someone needs to die here..."

- "Sensei? Do you realize there is a plushie zebra humping your laptop?"

- "This isn't about the plushie zebra, this is about me and my peace of mind.."

- "I call this a case of terminally dumb"

- "Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with you"

- Deathlook: Revisited.

- "I went to college.. for -this-?"

- "With all this emotion, I think I threw up a little inside my mouth"

- "Right now, I'm taking your emotional pain just as seriously as Akiha"

- "Don't -breathe- on me..."

- "Ah blessed silence, I knew I ordered cotton balls for a reason"

- "I have internet porn to look for.. so just stay right there Mizuki and prepare to be ushered into the world of homosexual sex."

- "Cotton balls and porn.. my life is suddenly very complete"

Next time, on UmedaKimi.. Umeda tries to get his mack on with Mizuki's BROTHER. Hijinks ensue. Wait for this heart-pounding next installment!

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