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~Flood of Umeda/Mei-Tan from Ep 4, Pt 1 of 3~

And now with cute little quips to accompany the pictures. Enjoy and feel free to grab them for any iconing purposes, but a comment that you grabbed them would be nice. (Also uzukisaru do you happen to have the ending theme for the drama. I'd like to leech it off you if you'd be so kind! *thumbs up*)

- Nothing particular to say about this picture, unfortunately what was missed was a GREAT shot of Umeda looking up from his desk as he heard Mizuki's footsteps.. and then it became a race to see WHO could get inside the health center faster.


- The decisive battle, continued.

- Winner: MIZUKI!

- Is this the face of a crossdresser?

- "Why would I feel the -need- to prance around in such faggy things as dresses..? never mind my pink shirt"

- "... on second thought, Akiha might look nice in a frilly pink one... ugh wait what?"

- Reading cause he is trying to tune outside annoyances out.

- "Want to run that by me.. again?"

- "Allow me to deck you with my fashion magazine, you little idiot"

- "Clearly I am not getting my point through your skull... would my pencil suffice?"

- "You are not the only one I have to deal with on a daily basis.. I should be getting paid DOUBLE"

- "Okay, maybe I shall let you live."

- "Maybe if I squint a little, you'll go away"

- Pained, visibly pained.

- "Try not to invade my space with your.. ugh.. girlness"

- "I'll consider it.. if it shuts you up"

- Calling his hot sister, Rio.. because the other sister is too scary for words.

- "You -so- owe me for this one, you can start by cleaning my office."

- "I am consoled by the fact that Mizuki blurry but I am perfectly fine and crystal clear."

- "Girls, yeah they're scary.. good thing I'm not interested in them"

More to come. Commentary provided by my Umeda-muse, whom I never leave home without.
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