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Anime Quiz
Name: Angel Nia
Birthday: September and the tree for September is the Weeping Willow.. how cool is that! *squees*
Nicknames: Nia, Punkin, NiaBiaBear, Nai, BondageSeraph (Which correlates to my husbands persona "Bishop of Bondage") and Angel Nia
First Anime: I am sure it was Sailor Moon.. and then I graduated to Heroic Legend of Arslan. *whee's*
Favorite Series (top 3): Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Fushigi Yuugi, Card Captor Sakura oh yeah and I can't leave out Marmelade Boy! *hee's*
Genre (drama, action, ect): Shoujo most definitely.. and I also like fantasy based anime.. also the wierder the anime the better.
Movie: Adolescence of Utena! *hee's*
Manga: Utena and Card Captor Sakura
Seiyuu: Koyasu Takehito and I really dig Utena's voice. *hee's* Tomoko something or other. *drools*
Scene from an anime: Probably in Card Captor Sakura where Touya is feeding Yukito soup and Yukito is babbling til Touya tells him to just "Shut up and eat"
Quote from an anime:

Tomoyo = "You don't know how much I love you Sakura"
Sakura = "Nani? Did you say something?"
Tomoyo = "I will tell you when you are older"

Time to watch Anime: When Alexi is around and we can curl up under blankies and eat ice cream and laugh over the silly stuff.. I really love watching Anime with my husband.
Anime Website: http://www.anipike.com I mean is there any better website out there?
Fanfiction: Tomoyo and Sakura fanfics.. I want to write one.
Anime items you own: Too much to name.. *hurms* My favorite is my Rayearth Wallscroll that I bargained my husband out of.. don't ask how I bargained.. *snickers*
Anime items you collect: Anime MP3s..


Favorite Female: Tenjou Utena, Tomoyo Daijoubu, Puchiko, Juri Arusuguwa, Meiko (from Marmalade Boy)
Favorite Male: Magus Zeal (I don't care he isn't anime so what), Touga Kiryuu, Hotohori and Nuriko, Yukito Tsukino, Zelgadis Greywords, Marron Glaces, Mousse
Favorite Enemy: Magus Zeal (*drools*)
Favorite Animal: Moogles! Dey so kawaii!
Most beautiful female: Utena Tenjou.. She is quite honestly androgynous enough to -really- appeal to me
Most beautiful male: Magus Zeal.. *hee's* I tell you my world revolves around him.
Cutest Male: Yukito.. oooh I would die for him.. *hee's* Definitely the Uke..
Ugliest Female: Anthy. *hmmm's* I hate her..
Ugliest Male: Any Dragonball Z character.
Most Annoying voice: Miaka.. but only because she says "Tamahome" way too much for comfort.. I mean.. PLEASE!
Most Wicked: Seymour from FF10.. but oh I do like him!
Most Ecchi: Weeelllll...hm...Happosai. ^^; (No one tops Happosai!)
Smartest: Tomoyo.. *le sighs* So kawaii too!
Interesting: Touya & Yukito. Mmhmm. <----ditto! <----- Double Ditto
Most Useless: Miaka
Most Psychotic: Nanami.. *snickers* She has some serious problems.. but she is stull cute!
Best dresser: I dunno.. *Cries*
Worst dresser: Miki from Marmalade Boy.. *shudders*
Most likely to chop off his/her finger: Miaka..
Most likely to get hit by a train: Miaka
Most likely to drown in a toilet: Miaka
Funniest: Excel Saga! *lol*
Cutest: Card Captor Sakura
Most Dramatic: Utena
Most Violent: I dunno.. *hmm's*
Dumbest: Dragonball.. *snickers*
Most Boring: Dragonball! *hee's*
Most Confusing: Utena most definitely
Favorite: "Tactics" from Kenshin, "I want Out" From Generator Gawl, "Toki Ai Ni Wa" from Utena, "Kokoro" from Xenosaga and tons of other stuff.
Most hated: Sobaksu from Kenshin, it sounds too much like a happy circus for me.. I hate circus music
Closing: Virtual Star Hassigaku
Catchy: "Dreaming" by Anza from CCS
Best Singer: MASAMI OKUI
Worst Singer: *bleahs* Malice Mizer.. but then I don't like cacophony sooo..
CD: Anything by Masami Okui
Dubs or Subs: Subs preserve the integrity of the anime.. though I do like the Dub of Utena
Are you for or against anime shown on US TV?: I think that I like DVDs and VHS better
Shonen or Shoujo?: Shoujo!
Clubs you are in: I don't do clubs
Rent or buy: Buy.. the places in Idaho don't rent anime. *pouts*
Do you have a web site?: A long time ago in a galexy far far away...
Plan on cosplaying as an anime character for Halloween?: Last year I was planning on going as Card Captor Sakura in her jester costume.. but that fell through when I got deployed.
Hentai, good or bad?: I liek it!
Yaoi, good or bad?: Uh-uh
Yuri, good or bad?: *hearts*
Who is the biggest anime freak you know?: Eric Jones
Your thoughts on Pokemon: Pikachu ownz j00
Your thoughts on Sailor Moon: I like the manga better then the anime

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