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Well the entire day of yesterday sucked hardcore. Both on a professional and personal level. I won't go into my job in depth but well it's clearly evident that I loathe everyone I work with, I mean they are perfectly nice people but things never get done.. and I do like what I like, I get to be of service to customers who really aren't so bad, it is just little glimpses of my co-workers getting NOTHING done that sort of make me go "grrr". Last night I did a majority of the prep work, I did tomatos, I did onions, I did things so that Chigdem wouldn't YELL at the two moronic guys I work with.. and the fact we ran out of pizza dough, that was not my concern, they should of checked the dough closet the NIGHT BEFORE.

The clincher that sort of gave me an episode of being freaked out was the fact that the power supply in Elessari (my computer, named for the continent on which Sylvia resides) fried itself out. (I could make jokes about Enigma finally destroying the continent but that would be in bad taste) So I need to get a new power supply. Then I just broke down.. because it was like nothing in the day had gone even remotely right.

So my activities online are going to be completely curtailed because the laptop I am using is sort of not as punked out as Elessari. (But thank you pimp_kitten for letting me use his laptop.) But tonight I'm ordering a new power supply, I already have it picked out and everything.

Both Mish and Alexi advise me I should quit, but unfortunately I am not going to do that. I will refuse (not apply) for a part time regular position, they can keep me at 20 hours.. in fact that'd be bliss. Maybe then I wouldn't come home mentally and physically tired.

I was thinking of writing something up for my writing journal of shitan (Hey Johnny, I think I wrote a Sylvia piece for up there.. but it's more pertaining to the Mystics then anything else).

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