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I started my morning watching the two episodes of Saiunkoku Monogatari that I had collecting on my computer, and as wierd as it is. (though you know I revise pairings constantly, just because a dynamic that originally appeals to me, I'll see another dynamic that fits even more).. I am really starting to like Seiran/Ensei. Because as much as Seiran says that he doesn't -like- Ensei, you just know that they have each other's backs in a fight. You can see it in each episode in which they are together, not to mention Seiran goes off the deep end and Ensei is like "Sa sa... no worries". He's very casual which is probably a good match for Seiran. (I still like Ryuuki however I'm beginning to see Ryuuki and Seiran more as brothers which sort of prods my Seiran/Ensei into the picture. (and makes room for Ryuuki/Shuurei which really -is- a cute couple)

Lin Senya is not fooling anyone and particularly not me, I know -exactly- who he is, the hair colour gives it away. I've noticed in Saiunkoku Monogatari.. there is very similar hair colours with the different families.. like the Kou family, yeah.. you can spot a Kou a mile away (or at least I can).

I could fangirl Saiunkoku Monogatari forever because quite honestly, one of my hardons is Heien type RP. I love that era, fell in love with it when I was fully exploring the Harukanaru Toki no Naka De world, the robes are beautiful, the buildings, gardens, the instruments, the scrolls, everything about it bespeaks gentility. (granted this is the heien rp type that fits in my mind's eye)

Also, I woke up at 6:45.. well technically I woke up at six, and then I just drifted in and out of consciousness. Why does my brain do that? I just will wake up before the alarm regardless of when I set it. I have a feeling that if I set it for 4 PM, my mind would be like -up- by 3:50 (and that makes me sad). Also being in at IMC yesterday, I've noticed that -some- people do not learn their lessons.. 3 years easily pass and yet they still are asshats. And when she entered the room and started on her shit again, made my blood boil. There were several statements she directed toward me, and well I did the sane thing and remained almost oblivious to her save for a few idly remarks directed in the general direction. I'm not going to pretend that I like her, but I'm not going to hurl bombs either.

Work starts soon. Meh, five o'clock may never get here soon enough.

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