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So yesterday was really nice. I think. I got to talk with Johnny, a friend from a long time back who knew me at the height of my RPing. (and height I'm saying that was before I grew too old to handle everyone RPing with me.. wow those were the days when I could hold 4 RPs at the same time and wasn't even mentally exhausted by it). We played some old characters and reminisceisced. It was nice because there was so many aspects of myself at 18 that I had forgotten. He reminded me about the Angel Pillow (Wow, had so totally forgotten about it), he also reminded me of the crazy stuff that Aidan and Rei used to do in college. And Chloe, yeah total spazz.. total saggitarius, I had forgotten how awesomely awesome she was and how she got along with her brother -and- with Vincent Gambaini. (and the fact that Raistlin is the father of Amethyst and Jonathyn.. my first set of dysfunctional Bainbridge twins.)

The Valley of the Lunar Rainbow.. ah, those were the days.

Yesterday I also cleared off some marks that needed to get done. (especially since now I have Larsa in my party). This is of course so that I can get closer to Mt Bur-Omiscace and Al-Cid Sexy-Pants Margrace (who is probably Larsa's boyfriend). There really needs to be more japanese fanart of Al-Cid.. however I understand because Al-Cid is hot but not in the typical way *fuzzy chest*. (BUT HELL SHUNSUI HAS TONS OF FANART AND HE HAS A HAIRY CHEST.. OKAY DONE NOW). Dear Japanese Fanartists, More Al-Cid.. kudasai.

I've been through alot in the past 10 years. It seems that every 10 years brings something new to my plate. My first ten years were eventful.. my second ten years just as so.. these 10 years.. wow. I wonder what my next ten years will be like.. I hope they are actually calm and peaceful.. well technically I have three more years to go in this set.

I will probably do the Daily Download now. I also have to post more Umeda pictures.

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