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So here is what I do. I take perfectly good kettle corn.. popcorn that is both sweet and salty.. and I add pepper to it. So now I have sweet, salty and peppery popcorn. Damn it's good. Though I have nothing more to add. I have to work early tomorrow morning from 9:00 to 4:00.. and then I have sunday and monday off. That's a good thing, however next week and the week after that.. it's gonna hurt, I have like rows of 8 hour shifts.. and I just have to constantly repeat to myself. "earning money for Michigan" and keep myself as close to that goal as possible. All those extra hours are my way of showing that I am serious about my moving.

Hey, Johnny! If you are reading this.. shoot me an email with your # so that I can call you and we can B.S about old times! (JOHNNY CRACK THAT WORLD'S SHELL!)

See I remember the good times from way back in the Valley of the Lunar Rainbow.. that was certainly fun.. Gabe, Mel, Linz, Viv and Johnny. They knew me when I was 18.. that's truly a scary concept.
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