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~Rambling about Asthartia~

This next bit is just for shuufish so anyone that reads it is pretty much not going to get anything I say (as it is RP and muse involved). Feel free to read it, but it'll probably not make any sense.

Ulani and Naomi have forced their way into Asthartia, mainly because of the idea I had. Really it's something that I worked out myself.. there will be nine priestesses, they will be known as the Astraea. (which in greek mythology was virgo -before- the constellation of virgo was discovered). They ride giant doves... I know, it's a silly idea, however their doves are named after each of the Nine Muses. And they sort of stay alive long after their priestesses are dead, they just go through the generations, the same one that served the priestess 900 years ago will be the same one to serve the current priestess.

Ulani - Thalia
Heyven - Melpomene
Jian - Erato
Caitlin - Clio
Naomi - Polyhymnia
Yui - Calliope
Elly - Terpsicore

There are two slots left and I know that Shion could probably be one.. and any other you could want to fit. But well that's all I know.. oh yes and that the priestesses are sacred enough that they are never to be touched by the hands of men.. so you could almost call them classical grecian mai otome like beings in a way. The touch of a man causes their bondbirds to -reject- them.. so no acts of sex with men.. that's just a no no.

Oh yes, and any man who harasses them or does nothing to respect their sacredity or even attempts to assault them, the penalty is death, their titles are taken that seriously, but perhaps it is because they are the gods representatives to Asthartia.

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