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Designer of your world, Creator of your own destiny, an endless journey in search of revelation. You’re a modern day Maestro, the conductor of your own brilliant symphony.

A quiet achiever with astronomical achievements, you work your deal with a positive, focused attitude. You confront challenges with a smile, defying life to throw out something that you can’t catch. A seasoned veteran of doing things for yourself, you don’t depend on anyone to hold your hand for you. You know what has to be done, you know how you’re going to do it and it always gets done with time to spare.

Deep, intense and contemplative, chill time alone is vital for your survival. You’ve got your own fortress of solitude, purpose built to give you the head space you need to centre your core, recharge your batteries and plan your next move.

But too much alone time in the fortress can lead to cabin fever. Hanging with your buddies is just as important to your sanity as those hours alone. You have selected your inner circle with care, with a focus on quality rather than quantity. Genuine friendship is all about loyalty, allegiance and keeping it real.

No point leaving anything to chance when you can use your grey matter to make it happen. The architect of your own life’s blueprint, you meticulously chart your chosen destiny – and then work the work to make it happen. If it’s not part of the plan, you’re interest level is nil.

Emotional speak is not your forte. You’re a deep, compassionate and generous soul but you don’t need the world to know about it. Talking matters of the heart is no easy task at the best of times - and near impossible at the worst of times.

Each Soulmark pendant interlocks perfectly with only one other Soulmark pendant. Check out how tightly the shape of Maestro Soulmark Pendant wraps around the shape of the Artisan Soulmark Pendant – it’s a perfect fit. The Artisan, your Soulmark Match, totally appreciates the unique strengths of the Maestro, including your amazing ability to create and fulfill your own chosen destiny. To bring an Artisan into that destiny all you need to do is check out the local mortals and nab yourself the one with the Artisan pendant hanging from their neck.

Take the quiz even though they're probably going to want you to buy jewelry and all that stuff.

All of it, was certainly the truth. I constantly defy life to throw me something I can't catch.. and I've been through a shit-load of things, and survived. I'm interested in what everyone else gets. And yes, I'm bad with emotions.. I hate speaking about how I -feel-. I mean I'm a very emotional person, just speaking about what I feel is also enough to get me to go "bwuh".

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