Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Happy New Year! *hugs to everyone*

I just got back from the bar and I am fucked up on Tequila Roses.. the best things EVER. (thank you Pam and Robbie for introducing it to me). It is also Ukitake's favorite drink.. they taste just like strawberry nesquick. Mmm yum. I didn't hit on any girls, but really I had no inclination too. I am really beyond wanting a girlfriend as funny as that sounds and I realize that all I need.. is all I have.. and that is Mish, and I love her more then I think she will ever know. Perhaps I wax sentimental, perhaps it is the three shots of tequila roses, one white gummy and two long island iced teas that I had... but in alchohol there is truth.

However I will say one thing. Teresa.. hot girl that used to work at Chi Yo Thai's.. yes she was wearing something that brought to mind harem girls, and I did get to feel a good old fashioned bout of lust flow through me, the sort that sees a REALLY hot woman and wouldn't mind hitting it, even though technically it would be something superficial.. and then of course I realize that I'm not one for superficial, I need something lasting and stable. Stability is my friend.. we call each other on weeknights.

So happy new year to everyone. May 2007 be the very best year for everyone. I'll have a more sober report of this evening tomorrow.

<3, Nia
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