Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Man, I'm itching to put my new and improved journal info up. But I can't.. well I can. Oh hell, I'm not sure. There are a few people missing from it but for the most part, it's in it's entirety. I should do a poll and see what people think, but seriously I have to go to work in under three hours. *BLAH* well only two more days til a day off. YAYNESS.

I'll be on tonight though barely, the gang is going to a bar. So I'm going too. I can't get drunk because I have to -work- tomorrow, (yeah that majorly sucks) so perhaps a couple of drinks and then I'm through. (It'll be coke and water for me after 10 pm.) I seriously don't want to hate myself on new years day.

Also, today is Fei and Citan's year wedding anniversary, Citan-muse wanted me to announce that, he's wibbly and happy. They all seem to like to pick holidays to marry on. (Though for Jin and Chaos.. April Fool's isn't -really- a holiday, it is just Jin's extremely strange sense of humor partnered with Chaos's inclinations.). Yes, and my birthday.. it's totally a holiday, in my mind. A fitting mindset for Hyuga and Sigurd's wedding day.. The next ones to be married... Gojyo and Hakkai.. and I know someone is going to try to work their way into getting married before Akiha and Umeda's wedding next year.

Woot! For everyone that I don't see tonight, happy new year! Don't do anything I wouldn't do. (though that's probably narrowing it down a bit.. at least or tonight)

I forsee overusing this icon, really I do.

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