Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~The weather outside is frightful~

Well we're not going to Great Falls. We were -going- to however 30 miles into the drive, we hit a snow drift and our car went out of control. We escaped really lucky, not even a scratch on our car or us, however we were like. "Good thing we did a donought on the interstate into a snow drift instead of off a cliff" And so therefore, no Great Falls for us. It would suck, but you know, better to not go then to not make it or etc. SO ANYWAYS MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. (I'll be finishing those icons now).

Oh yes, Mish made me a plushie! It's so cute, I'm naming it 4chan. Citan didn't want that name but Jin started calling it 4chan and it stuck.

Jin needs to stay away from the /b/ boards. *coughs*
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