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I got a Nintendo DS. *dansu dansu*

Alexi and I opened our presents yesterday.. that was to give us prep time for the car trip up there. We open our presents traditionally on Yule but we'll be driving then so we had our presents early. I GOT A DS. *teehee* and like tons of games. This will amuse me for a while. I opened it up and was like "OMG MISH AND I CAN TALK OVER THESE THINGS" and he was like, "Yes when you two are SIX FEET AWAY". Seriously, Alexi is funny. He programs his ipod today (yeah I got him an 80 GB ipod... call it my LAST GOOD PRESENT TO HIM BEFORE I LEAVE FOR MICHIGAN). I am happy with my DS... now to wait for FFVI to come out on the DS.. but I have III and V.
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