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Work was a complete and utter disaster. however I lived to tell about it. But my feet, yeah they hurt. I didn't do anything wrong, it is my co-workers.. that althought they have time-senority on me, I seem to have expirience seniority on them. Evidentally saturdays are not very crowded or so Chigdem says. So I think I'll get a great deal of prep work done.

Though funness. The foreman, yeah Dominic, he's gay. That's what Pammy told me. And not flamboyantly gay, he's the sort of gay I'd be if I were a guy... which is comforting to dwell on even if I can't dwell on other things about my job that I enjoy. (People are great and if I had a legion of me clones, everything would be done efficiently. But that is too good to even be contemplated.
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