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~Shall I be the one for you...~

It never ceases to amaze me how conversations with Viv can put my mind and soul at rest.. ease even. She gets online and I am just so full of smiles. I even got off AIM so that I could disappear into a PR with her and pour out all my sorrows and woes, my trials and tribulations.. and she is always there to hug me and stroke my ego and make me feel better. And it is nice to be able to confide into her, for my battles are hers and hers are mine.. and I don't have to worry about not saying things to her for fear that I would taint her image of a mutual friend.

And I no for certain that if I were not married to Alexi, I would be so in love with her. I mean I am not saying that I am not in love with her, however it is an in love that is so close that it goes deeper then romantic.. you know what I mean. And not that I would leave Alexi.. never ever, not in this lifetime. But when I am talking to her I see so much beauty, so much light and purity. I make a pretense at being an angel.. but I know she truly is and I while I do not aspire to such soft innocence.. I know that in my heart, I will look upon her and rejoice in her beautiful sweet soul.

She understands me even through my somewhat shadowed soul.. *le sighs*

And I can promies you, that anyone that abuses that light, that love that exists in her heart.. will have to answer to me. *cracks knuckles*

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