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WHY HALO EVERYONE! Sorry I've not been around. You can blame GJ on that *shot* So how is everyone and what did I miss?

Oh yes, I got that job.. I was offered the job on the spot once my interview was up. It makes me feel like a hot commodity. I go in to do the paperwork today.. I don't know when I start working but hopefully it'll be soon because I am kinda bored at home. I actually liked going outside of the house for money-making reasons... and I got a little testy when I didn't see my sunlight for a few days... that and easily inspired to annoyance. So anyways. HI!

I have been playing FFXII.. but got pwned yesterday by a Fire Elemental. I wanted to kill... *urgh* Next time hopefully the Elemental won't be out and around.. because I don't want to get my ass pwned by Fireaga again. >.>
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