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I got in last night (or rather this morning at one). It wasn't all party, really it was all work. Mainly because the people at the club AND the bowling alley thought that on Pizza Etc's last day, they'd have us make all sorts of premade pizza (not baked, just thrown together) and store them in their freezer so that they could sell them at a LATER date. The thing is they didn't notify us until around 6 pm.. two hours before closing. And the total. 30 LARGE Works pizza. It was a good thing I was there or else there would of been alot of work for them. Thing is I didn't even get PAID for this... I just came in to help them. The consolidated club can kiss my ass.

Also I found out from Glenn, the gay guy that works over at the club as a bartender (he got pretty shafted too) was that his friend thought I was cute. His friend is an older female who is OBVIOUSLY a lesbian (though it was confirmed last night.. I had feelings she was a lesbian, but you don't just start that sort of conversation). Yeah I know her, she always tipped me good for always remembering to put the extras on her salad that Suk would always forget too. Wouldn't go out with her, but you know.. it's good for my ego that women find me attractive, it makes me feel like I've not lost what it is that brings the girls to the yard.. but as it is I have really really high standards.. coupled with a self depreciating nature. So telling me that I'm cute, wonderful, charming and interesting usually make me not know what to do with it.

Today on the agenda is going to the DMV to pick up a copy of my driving record for the application I'm submitting into NAF, helping Yo and Bruce do the little things at Pizza Etc (because I don't leave friend's to drown) and then staple the application that I'm doing together and submit it. Afterwards picking up some lunch for Alexi (and myself). After I do all that, then I will officially consider myself unemployed. (The NAF office doesn't think I'll stay jobless for very long, especially Patty.. but she can attest to my GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE).

Did you know there are TWO Blue Octobers.

One is the currently popular group, the other is a Synthpop group. I was confused.. and then I listened to the songs by the Synthpop Blue Octoer and just had to laugh. Both are REALLY good.

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