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The grumpiest muse in my muse-box got engaged last night. And really, he's grumpier then Sanzo. (I am so glad no one decided in the manga to give Dr. Umeda a gun, that would of been catastrophic for Akiha.. really). So yes, now Akiha and Umeda are officially engaged. This floored Akiha... I think personally that Umeda got the idea from Gojyo.. because evidentally Gojyo executed it very smoothly, so he took the 'let's not ask' route, just handed Akiha the box and said "Here, don't think me nice.. and don't squeal (or I'll take it back).. it's your birthday and I only do nice things for you on your birthday."

The wedding is going to happen on Akiha's birthday next year, this is so that Umeda doesn't have to delegate two seperate dates to be nice to Akiha. (anniversary and Akiha's birthday, all on one day.. how concise is that?). According to Umeda, Christmas doesn't exist. Yes, he is making the 'bah humbug' face.

And Umeda's theme song is "Lemon Tree" by Fool's Garden. How very fitting is that.

Today is my last day of the Pizza Etc job. I cry. Though tonight I'm going to Pizza etcetera to watch it close it's doors for the last time. And hope that I can find another kickass job.

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