Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Oh the fun times~

I made it into Michigan safely.

I actually made it into Michigan safely on Saturday but the drive back was horrendous. (And there was a delay because the catering truck didn't arrive there. *and we ended up heading to detroit from minneapolis on just water* But finally an hour after my scheduled gating time, I finally arrived in and there waitin at the gate was Todd and Mish. YAY! I was definitely happy to be back in Michigan.

The drive was long but we made it back and after 24 hours of wakefulness, I fled asleep ushered by spiraling yellow flowers.

Yesterday we did all sorts of shopping, Bath and Body works where I picked up scents that remind the muses of their significant others, grocery shopping, pumpkin carving. (My pumpkin I am convinced looks like Hakkai) and I even got to try on my Ukitake costume. The strips and insignia hasn't been painted on yet, but really shuufish has outdid herself, and now I really want her to make me more costumes. (CITAN COSTUME WILL BE MINE). Oh and her Shunsui costume is ADORABLE. She looks like a mini girly version of him (sans the facial hair and chest hair.. which in retrospect I would imagine is good). I look like Ukitake except my wig needs to be put (really, my hair is just the dark version of what his looks like.)

I'm also going to be getting her to watch CARD CAPTOR SAKURA YES YES! That shall be it! Teehee! This will be done while we paint everything and do the stenciling. We still have alot of things to do but it's a fun trip and I'm enjoying myself. (Oh yes and finally reading Angel Sanctuary volume 9 & 10. OH ARACHNE. <3)

Well I am going to sign off, Hyuga is demanding that I OMG actually respond to the Brady RP (I neglected it for a day and he is like "WHAT THE HELL!". Oh yes, he is telling me that I am a whore for spending his birthday in travel time and being to drunk for wishing him a happy birthday on the 28th. >.> Every year I seem to forget his birthday. Why is this?

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