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Today is obviously "Nia is an Ass day" because I went into Walmart to buy a little flashdrive to store RP logs (with me and Mish, you really NEVER know if I may need them and I was too lazy to lug a 400 GB harddrive all across three airports) and someone, one of the checkers just waved me down and said "HI NIA! HOW ARE YOU?"

Now here is the thing, I have NO clue who she is. Chances are if we've talked, I'll remember you. I'll usually be ready with a smile or the whatnot. But I swear I was not prepared and I didn't recognize her, I looked at her nametag very briefly for some sort of recognition, and let's face it. Here in Mountain Home, I have very few friends. Not because I can't get them but because well small town, mentality. There are the few that I do consider friends like Jean and Yo, Pam and Robbie, Dimitri.. but really I just wondered upon wondered.

I couldn't be rude so I said hi and asked her how she was, but I feel like an ass because she greeted me as if we were great buddies. Is this called getting old? Maybe I have a twin who comes out at night.. or maybe I go ID. I don't know. At least I had the decency to offer her suitable salutations, so maybe I wasn't too much of an ass.

Off the topic, this croissant sammich is good.

Tomorrow I need to pick up some of those dark chocolate covered mints for Todd. (Shhh Mish don't tell him that I'll be armed with them on Saturday) I think three bags should be enough.

"I may be some sort of crazy.. we may be some sort of crazy.."
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