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I usually have one het OTP for any game or series that I watch. (Usually.. we aren't pushing it because realistically as much as I am all about LOVE KNOWS NO GENDER, I'm usually all about the gay). For Xenosaga III. It's Virgil and Febronia. I was like "OMGSOB THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL" and I don't even normally LIKE Virgil.. but something about that scene made me ball my eyes out and think that they were a beautiful couple

Everyone else in Xenosaga though. ALL GAY (by my standards). (Except for Margulis and Pellegri.. because really, Pellegri deserves him.. and I mean it in the BEST way. her going with Jin, yeah.. she said that Jin was thinking only of himself.. and I am sort of inclined to believe her. That's because I -have- a Jin muse and I can even agree with her realistically and say that yes, Jin probably has some unintentional asshole tendancies. )

Kevin, he still needs to die. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE him.

Edit: Jin, the term "I shouldn't be allowed to kick that much ass" isn't allowed to be said. I know you have 99 evasion and critc up the wahoo.. but STILL, it's called Humility.. grow some.
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