Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

OH A GIRL JUST ASKED SHUUREI ON A DATE.. A PROSTIUTE IN THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT. VERY VERY WIN! *thumbs up* Thank you Saiunkoku Monogatari.. for continually making me laugh and giggle. FOR THE WIN!


Which reminds me, shuufish, I have two things planned out for Fei and Citan.. once I get the intro for the Ancient China RP written, I was thinking of starting out as them... as well as once Mat, Roni, Jeriah, Sigele and Jakob are done, we can move on to a date between Fei and Citan in the Brady RP.. (Just them). See I have been thinking.. Here is how things I think are going to go.

1.) Finish up the cuteness
2.) Citan and Fei date
3.) Jin shows Chaos the entrance to his ROOM (dun dun duh)
4.) Band Practice.. probably.

That takes us all the way until thursday. And it's guarenteed to go somewhat quickly because the first one is almost done, the second and third ones are just two people.. and Band Practice will be interesting because Ukitake will be there! HEE.

I figured we don't need to RP through their first day of school.. unless you want to. And Hyuga and Sigurd.. they'll get the back to school dance largely for the most part so we don't need to concentrate on them for that first week. After band practice we can also shift to Jeriah picking Sigele up from kindergarten which would also be cute.

I know, I'm bad for wanting to continue on with the Brady.. but it offers ALOT of variety.. >.>


Once again, I have to say.. Shuurei's dad is made of Win and Awesome. >.>

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