Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,


That was -really- wierd. It's a ritual that every morning I reach for my detangler (being that I have tentacle-rape hair and all). Yesterday morning cats knocked it down and when I picked it up, it felt empty.. so I just used some of it and chalked it up to the fact that I'll probably need another bottle because really I go through detangler fast (though I had only bought that a few weeks ago).

This morning, I pick it up.. and it's FULL. Yes, that's right.. completely full. Am I losing my mind?

Yeah I know... 'shut up and use your fucking detangler'. >.>


AHAHAH wait now I get it.. *looks down* There is an empty bottle of detangler.. which means I picked up the wrong one. OIYA. (YEAH I AM LAME!)

Emperor Cain says good morning.
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