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2.) Roni, Chaos and Jin in New York City, shopping
1.) Brady!Jin just got his lower lip pierced.
2.) His father, he's going to kill him.

But I think that Jin is going to go to his grave with a smile....

Morale of this Story:

Never go shopping with Jin and Chaos. Ever. Mischevious things (and insta-grounding) are bound to happen... at least for Jin. Since his father is a NAZI

As far as teenagers go, Jin is by far the funniest out of my muse-box. He's like a party in the box, and really some might accuse me of OOC, but this interpertation comes from the first game, when he is challenging Margulis and you see that playful glimmer in his eyes as if he knows all the shit that's going down and he is honest to god enjoying it.
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