Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I wasn't around on YiM or LJ last night because I was too busy playing Xenosaga III. No storyline play, just leveling. Gross ammounts of leveling, however because of that I got all of their 50 sp skills learned and I've got a good portion of their EX-A, B, C, D skills unlocked and purchased. (at least up until level 50 for some of them.) And to me, I like storyline RP, I also like going through a game and PWNING ass all along the way, pwning asses like I'm throwing daisies.

I think they are all at level 30 now and we just got away from 15 year old YOUNG MAN (THAT IS KEVIN DAMN IT. WHY DOES NOT ANYONE COMMENT ON "OH LOOK, THAT LOOKS LIKE KEVIN!"). Jin (and Nurse Chaos) had performed major surgery and oh the fun times to be had. *snickers*

Can't wait to play more.. *bounces up and down*

Also, dear D.Greyman.. plz to be being translated.. NOW. Strawberry Panic and Ouran are finished. OH NOES NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WIHT MY TIME!?!?
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