Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

First of all.

1.) Finished Strawberry Panic and all I could think of was Amane/Hikari. I just squee'd majorly. Of course Shizuma and Nagisa was nice, but since it wasn't a pairing I particularly cared for, I just cheered and then moved on to Amane/Hikari.

2.) Last night, playing Xenosaga III. He got to the beginning of Chapter 4. OHOHO!~ Shion in a white shirt and her panties. There was someone in my mind who was like "Wow, this is good.. I like this.." and then the drooling started when we saw Shion's hair sort of hang in her eyes.. so very cutely. However then there was a man's voice and the drooling just sort of -stopped-. I thought I heard someone draw their sword. What I have learned from this expirience? There will never ever EVER be a Kevin muse in my mind.. Yui would kill him (KILL HIM DEAD). Shion muse is Yui's girlfriend and while Yui is very calm and rational, she is displaying tendancies that are very much like Hyuga's. (Feeling the urge to kill rising from Yui is priceless..)

3.) I don't think I -have- a number three. >.> Oh yes, I do.. I seemed to have lost my iconing inspiration. If you find it, return it to me post haste, I'll make you an icon. >.>
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