Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Just finished Ouran Host Club and I agree with Alexi that the ending was certainly satisfying, even for someone who is unremittently Kyouya/Tamaki fangirl. Perhaps because I recognize that Tamaki loves them -both-. Just like he loves all the Host Club members. It was a satisfying ending, really it was.. and it wasn't suddenly sprung on you. Once again, Happy.. WEEE!

And here in my muse box, Kyouya still has Mish's Tamaki buckled to the tea cart. *teehee*

I want a picture of Kyouya from the last episode for iconage. Marvelous, MARVELOUS ending.

Getting ready to watch the last two episodes for Strawberry Panic now. >.> (yay Lesbian Angst)
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