Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~ATTN Talyn and Jessalyn~

duokinneas & destry

So they are going to have The Nightmare Before Christmas over at Edwards 21, IN 3D! In Boise yesterday (when me and Yo went to see Open Season), I couldn't help but want to go to see it, because damn it, that's just all kinds of awesome. SO! I was wondering if you guys were doing anything on October 20th, Friday.. at 7:30 PM.. because I have a ticket and no one to go with, and I was thinking it'd be awesome if we could ALL GO SEE IT! I am giving you all notice. I prebought my ticket because I didn't know how busy it was going to be.. so yeah.. get back to me! (I can easily go up to Boise and pre-buy your guy's tickets too.)

Come on, it's no fun to go to the movies ALONE! (you aren't going to force me to do that, right *pouts*)


General notice to no one in particular.

MY KITCHEN IS CLEAN! *dances orgasmically*

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