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Evidentally there are many types of soul-mating and this book that I am reading derives the concept of soul mating from the stars of Psyche and Eros. My Eros and Psyche are both in Aquarius... and I looked up Mish's and her Eros is in Cancer and her Psyche is in Scorpio... and this is what it had to say about our relationship (as there is compatibility guides for different types of soul mating.

Spiral - My Eros in Aquarius, her Psyche in Cancer

-Married already!-

Hello, you must be my husband! Wife? Whatever, this duo knows quick smart that they're on or off. They either get it on from the start or neatly avoid one another. Another way of putting it is that there is either no chemistry whatsoever between them or it is on from the literal second that they meet. If it's an on situation, they are so prone to skipping the usual courtship stage that it's ludicrous. People can't believe that these people haven't known each other since childhood! They often even look similar. They are the couple most likely to nauseate others via an extreme public intimacy dynamic. Speech, gags and even sexual preferences seem like suddenly shared secrets. If one, the other or both are accustomed to full-on tension between lovers, this relationship will freak them out at first. The comfort zoming is immense. Warning: Even if these two do break up, they never truly split up.. you understand.


Wave - My Psyche in Aquarius, her Psyche in Scorpio.

-Karma Drama-

These two are totally destined to meet and make a maxmum impact upon one another. This cosmic scenario naturally makes for some temptuous scenes along with the classic make-up break up dynamic. Kist as waves a;;pw tje pceam tp craft a relentless change to the coastline, the Waves relationship is about long term transformation. These soul mates often have to face challenges to be with one another and then the affair becomes it's own pressure cooker of change. It's as if, despite their deep and abiding attraction toward one another, neither can be in the relationship as they are. The romance thus proves carthartic with each parting ringing in profound changes: Personality, beliefs, goals, lifestyle.. even looks. The most instant manifestation of this so-destined love affair is that each person seems to begin a process of metamorphesis. Some call it crazy love but this destined duo doesn't give a damn.


It's a really good book, I'm enjoying it. Now off to Boise! *teehee*

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