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Okay, so my Jin muse is a Taurus, and I was reading the section in this new astrology book I got, Manipulating and Motivating a Taurus. Two things struck me as being particularly Jin.

5.) Fake Compliance. Taurean policy is that, as soon as you accept their point of view, they shall be in complete agreement with you.


7.) Appreciate that they enjoy corny trappings of seduction. They like time-honoured techniques such as dimmers, martinis, mood music & burgundy velveteen headboards.

Jin's Taurus is afflicted. He has the obstinate and the somewhat lewd down, but as for the other things, I am pretty sure he has a gemini ascendant (which is scary if you think about it)


This book is hilarious. HILARIOUS. *can't wait to get to Scorpio, that will be when Jin comes out to snark*
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